Business Book Review - The Coach...


May 23, 2017

Tue 8:00 AM

10801 Mastin Street
Overland Park, KS 66210



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Want more success?  Then Keep Learning!!! Studies have repeatedly shown that the most successful business owners are those who are constantly learning new ideas.  The good news is there are lots of great business books out there - the challenge for most of us is finding the time to actually read them. That's where Aspire's Business Book Reviews come in. This is going to be a regular event where you will be able to pick up the key ideas and themes from a great business book...and get some ideas on how to start applying those to your business right away. And the best part?  You don't even need to read the book!  We'll cover the key points, have a great group discussion and get you on your way.  You'll walk out with a several page summary, some new knowledge, and introductions to like-minded business owners and professionals who also want to learn and be successful! It's kind of early - but we'll have coffee and breakfast for you and you'll be on your way, smarter, happier and better looking than you were before (well at least smarter and happier).  We guarantee it! Also, we'd like to offer up a special thank you to our new sponsor: True Private Wealth Management  This Month's Book - The Coaching Habit As a business owner or leader, there's a pretty good chance that you have too much on your plate and you're not getting as much out of your team as you'd like to.  Maybe you don't have the right people around you... or maybe you're not engaging them in the right way.  One of the most effective ways to engage people is through the coaching leadership style - where the focus is on developing your team and making them more effective. That's what The Coaching Habit is all about. Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way You Lead Forever Author Michael Bungay Stanier is an interesting guy - he's been selected as the Coach of the Year for Canada, he's a Rhodes Scholar who got kicked out of Law School and he owns a company (Box of Crayons) that specializes in helping managers make more of an impact with their teams. He (and his team) have done a lot of research and applied a lot of ideas in real life to develop a very straightforward framework that will help you become a more effective and impactful leader. He's identified 7 simple questions, that when used effectively, can change the way you engage with others. A lot of these ideas are simple, but I guarantee they will change the way you look at your interactions.  If you want to start working less and making more of an impact, this is a book you should be reading (or learning about in a book review). The Business Book Review format is a perfect venue for a book like this - you'll not only get the key ideas summarized, but we'll discuss them as a group and talk through some great ideas and activities you can use immediately in your own business.  Here are a few comments from previous Business Book Reviews: “I thought this was extremely valuable.  It was very inspirational and my head is already spinning with ideas and things I want to implement.”   "I've had the opportunity to attend many events and this was one of the more informative and relevant one's I've attended. The book had some great information, however, your insights and the way you presented the material were even more helpful. I have to be selective on how I spend my time and this was a great investment."   “This really added a dynamic to the way I would have been able to think about and comprehend the material on my own.”   You'll get a lot out of reading The Coaching Habit and you'll get even more by joining into the Business Book Review discussion!  Guaranteed! Who Should Attend? Business leaders and professionals who have a need to keep learning, but don't have the time nor the inclination to read...or just realize they will get even more out of the discussion of the material than just reading it (i.e. a lot of smart people we know)!  How does it work? We'll keep it simple - come in at 8:00, Aspire will provide breakfast (something tasty - bagel, pastry, kolache...) and some coffee and we'll get rolling.  You'll have a few minutes to meet the other attendees and then we'll dive into the review and discussion of the book.  About 1/2 the time will be spent covering the key ideas and the other 1/2 will be more of a group discussion.   We're limiting the group size to 35, small enough so everyone can participate, but large enough to have a lively exchange with lots of different viewpoints and ideas.   We'll close on time and get you on with your day, secure in the knowledge that you now know more...and will be more successful, have more fun, feel taller...all the good stuff.  ;-) Complete Guarantee If for any reason you don't feel like you learned at least a couple of useful new ideas, then you will get a complete and cheerful refund...and get to keep your summary! Come Join Us - we look forward to seeing you.