Ignite Leadership Speaker Series


Aug 17, 2017

Thu 5:00 PM

2 Memorial Drive
Kansas City, MO 64108



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Why do some companies achieve things that completely exceed our expectations, defying all assumptions of what is possible? This is the question that Simon Sinek asked his audience at the beginning of his famous Ted Talk in 2009.  Sinek, a bestselling author of “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action” and “Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t” set out to discover why companies like Apple have been able to achieve such extraordinary success, while others with the same resources have failed.  Recently, Simon is best known for his viral video addressing the “Millennial Question” that was viewed by millions on Facebook and other social media sites. Visiting Nurse Association is proud to partner with Simon Sinek’s organization to present the Ignite Leadership Speaker Series.  The series of three Leadership learning experiences begin with Stephen Shedletzky and “Start With Why” on Thursday, May 18 and “Leaders Eat Last” on Thursday, August 17.  Kristen Hadeed addresses the “The Millennial Question” on November 16.  Kristen’s book on the Millennial Generation is set to release in mid-October. Who should attend? All levels of management can benefit from the unconventional and innovative views on business and leadership presented in each session. The limited seating ticket is available.  100% of the proceeds of the Ignite Leadership Series will benefit the Visiting Nurse Association Foundation to support care to the Kansas City area. Thursday, August 17 "Leaders Eat Last"- Stephen Shedletzky 5 - 6 pm Thursday, November 18 "The Millenial Question" - Kristen Hadeed 5 - 6 For more information about Simon Sinek and Start With Why - visit www.startwithwhy.com About Visiting Nurse Association: Established in 1891, VNA is the oldest home health care agency in Kansas City and the home of the original visiting nurse.  Over the years, VNA has expanded its services and service area to reach more patients throughout the area surrounding Kansas City.  VNA provides acute care nursing and therapy services to patients in the comfort of their home.  Services include skilled nursing care, physical, occupational and respiratory therapy, IV and wound care, nutrition and social work consultations.  VNA’s long lasting legacy comes from our belief that people not only need someone to care for them they also need someone to care about them.  VNA is a non-profit agency (43-1337104) and 100% of your ticket price is tax deductible.  www.vnakc.com